'Neverending' is about a toxic relationship between two people who keep pushing each other away, but can never finally break up.
Starring Ayleen Tuncer and Alexander Wolfshohl Direction, Camera, Editing, Concept and Animation by Jan Lösch-Schloms Direction, Camera, Editing and Concept by Ben Schaub Concept, Animation and Production by Tim Knemeyer Gaffer and Light Concept, Production and Assistant Camera by Ole Dietz Light Technician Tom Christen Styling and Make-Up by Yoko Barylla and Jodie Martin Styling Assistant Malte Ahlborn Styling Assistant and Production by Vanessa Lotz Set Photography by Peter Sparkuhle and Julius Bracke Production by Ruben Vogel Catering by Arne Dykierek
Aus dem Video
Stills, GIFs + Before & After 
Animation by Jan Lösch-Schloms & Tim Knemeyer
Behind the scenes
by Peter Sparkuhle,  Julius Bracke, Ole Dietz & Jodie Martin

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